The End… or is it?

And so, the course comes to a close. It’s been a long journey, but an interesting one, and I can’t deny I’ve learnt a lot, much more than I had expected. Looking back, I’m glad the blog has done exactly what I wanted it to: act as a place to document the classes, and theory, share my thoughts, feelings and reflections and share my assignments. The blog traces a trajectory, from the very beginning, to the very end.

My reflections remain the same from the last time I wrote them (which wasn’t really so long ago). I still enjoy the lively classroom discussions, active debates, new readings and reading plays together in class, giggling at all the double-meaning/undertone parts. There is a sort of bittersweet ending to this course; while I’m glad my semester is coming to an end and I’m FINALLYY going home for summer, not only am I going to miss the small class and the people, but also the excitement of opening up a new play and knowing that it held something great in store. Sure, I could read plays on my own but….its never the same.

I’m going to miss the videos and the films and the screenings in the preview theatre and the random tangents in conversation. I’m going to miss the opinions of everyone else and the chatter about different plays going in in different cities. I think we can all deduce that I’m really going to miss this course.

So, this post is all about the highlights of the classes! Lets beginn!

FAVORITE PLAY: Mister Behram

BEST MOMENT(S): A one-to-one class with the teacher where he told me all about a play he’s written. Also, since I can’t pick one, the second reading of Mister Behram where everyone read it exactly according to stage directions and pointed out some questionable parts.


BEST FILM: Bertolt Brecht, screened in the preview theatre…If I’d had popcorn it would have been perfect


TAKING NOTES—> 😦 not so exciting but necessary

Doing research and writing posts on the blog- FUN


This blog has been great, a big shout out and thank you to everyone who emailed me/commented/liked/ followed! I’m not entirely sure if I want to end this blog so soon 😥 so I think I’m going to probably keep it going, posting my reflections on whatever plays I watch in the future, or happen to stumble across. I hope you guys learnt something too!

Feel free to email me if you want me to check out some plays….I’d really appreciate it!