What’s all the drama about?

You might be wondering, so, what exactly is Drama Performance and Society all about? Well let me clear it up for you.

We all have read plays at some point in our lives whether it be:

long, very very confusing Shakespearean texts

doesn’t make him any less confusing…

bitingly witty dramas by Oscar Wilde


or especially meaningful plays by George Bernard Shaw


Drama continues to be an important literary form, and these popular dramatists still hold a place in literature today.

But..have we actually “read” the play? By reading, I don’t just mean the text, I mean how much interest have we taken in understanding the construction of the drama? Do we look at the cultural aspects that provoked the writing of the play? Or the time period it tries to depict? What about the political and social influences?

Many of us, unknowingly, miss out on all these elements that make drama what it is; a vital insight into society and societal issues. Not only that, dramatic performances act as a depiction of various cultural and social norms, gender and class constructs, traditions, and even can have political connotations.

Essentially then, it seems quite simple; drama and it’s performance goes hand in hand with society.