Ghashiram Kotwal



A while ago we read this play in class; written by Vijay Tendulkar, a prominent Indian playwright, the play is a satirical response to the rise of the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

I thoroughly enjoyed the play because it’s able to embody the satirical form so well, and ¬†Tendulkar experimented not only with the Sangit Nataka genre but also borrowed ingredients from folk theatre that includes Tamasha, Dashavatari Khel,¬†Yakshagna, Lavani,(love ballad), Abhanga, and kirtan¬†(devotional songs).

Usually I write about play and my thoughts/opinions extensively (as I’m sure you’ve seen) but this time I’ll do things a bit differently.

Instead of me going on about the play I’m going to put up a few links to the full text, and some good analyses plus a video of the play. This way you’ll be able to peruse the play in your own time and come up with your own thoughts and opinions without me influencing your take on the play.

While I could’ve spent a lot of time discussing the play (there is a lot to discuss, trust me), I think its important also to let you, the audience, discover the play for yourself. Do comment with your thoughts/feelings/ any other opinions you have regarding the play and the material I’m posting! –>full text of the play –> an amazing analysis

here is the video of the play! it is in Marathi but it’ll give you a good idea of what the staging looked like if you don’t understand Marathi.